The Eyeless, Fela Fét

Humans are the only extraterrestrial species residing on Aeneor.  

History Edit

In the year 2990 AD, the Cephalopods made first contact with an unidentified alien race, a struggling starship mission running low on supplies. The Cephalopods began to track the starship's progress towards their planet for a number of years, but around 3000 AD the starship disappeared without a trace, still lightyears from approaching their planet. That starship was the Biyond, a human Earth expedition which unknowingly encountered a time distortion. They arrived on Aeneor 6,000 years into the past, and eventually lost all knowledge of their origins and technology.

Other species call them the "Eyeless" or "The Fel" because they do not have the extra set of eyes all creatures use to detect magical wavelengths. Nonetheless, humans have used their ingenuity to craft devices that allow them to manipulate magical forces. Humanity's inquisitive nature led them to experiment and discover the laws that regulate magic and have used them to their fullest.

In prehistoric times, the indigenous species of Aeneor viewed the humans as a foreign and terrifying threat. Over time, the natives launched attacks that thinned the human population. Weakened by their unpreparedness and inexperience on the new planet and the isolation caused by the spacetime warp, many of the expedition's leaders and scientists were killed. The remaining humans scattered across the earth and lost much of their technological knowledge.

Few records of the origin of humanity on Aeneor exist in the present. Most stories of the arrival of humans are considered legend.

Humans slowly grew from their diaspora and developed civilization alongside other species. The most prominent human settlement is Solis on the northwestern coast of Eora. Currently in the parallel year of 1700 AD, Solisian humans are experiencing an exploration and scientific Renaissance, with leaps in magical knowledge and the beginning of conquest in faraway continents. Some species remain wary and distrustful of the unnatural-seeming abilities of humans.

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