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The Cephalopods are thought to be only myth by most land inhabitants of Anora. That idea couldn't be further from the truth. The Cephalopods are the first sentient race of Aeneor, little known because they reside in the far depths of the ocean where no land dweller can reach. There, they keep a close connection with the Being and continue to develop the most advanced technologies yet seen on the planet.

History Edit

Enchanted with their crafty ways and agile limbs, the Being first gifted them with sapience 300,000 years ago. Being the most ancient of the races, they developed technologies and marvelous civilizations in isolation.After a long period of civil warring, the Cephalopod nations united under one democracy. They prefer not to involve themselves in the wars of the land, but to observe from afar using various methods.

In the year 2990 AD, the Cephalopods made first contact with an unidentified alien race, a struggling starship mission running low on supplies. The Cephalopods began to track the starship's progress towards their planet for a number of years, but around 3000 AD the starship disappeared without a trace, still lightyears from approaching their planet. That starship was the Biyond, a human Earth expedition which unknowingly encountered a time distortion. The humans arrived on Aeneor 6,000 years into the past, and eventually lost all knowledge of their origins and technology.

Society Edit

The City Edit

As of 1750, the main Cephalopod society, the City, nears post-scarcity as all food is grown in massive farms. Most citizens of the City are artisans, scientists, or philosophers. Menial work is looked down upon as degrading or boring. 300,000 years of growth have led to wonderfully refined cultures with theatre, rhetoric, and public performance regarded as the highest art forms. In the City, non-working individuals wear synthetic jewels as ornamentation and a form of “rank” in their reputation economy.

Language Edit

Cephalopods communicate using a complex combination of pheromone secretions, echolocation clicks, visual tentacle signs, and coloration. It is near impossible for land dwellers to understand their languages. Their script appears as an indecipherable mass of wiggling shapes piled atop one another. Coloration functions similarly to body language in land species. An overarching message can be sent by just the right combination of colors. As the saying goes, communication is 10% what you say and 90% how you color it.

Names Edit

Given names are long and complex and traditionally created according to natural events. Names will often be creatively invented, such as Born-Under-Fortuity-As-The-Sun-And-Moon-Aligned, called Align by the public. Names can also have colorations associated with them, displayed when speaking of the individual or to them as a gesture of respect. Family names are given from the mother as fathers are unknown, although the practice of family names has disappeared from modern City society.

Emotion Edit

Emotion is a physiological response consisting of coloration of certain parts of the body, such as the lower half of tentacles, the eye region, and the under-mantle region. With practice, they can learn to control how emotion is visibly expressed. Unlike humans, pupil direction and facial muscles are not involved in the display of emotion. Displaying vivid emotion is an important part of society, and displaying the incorrect emotion is frowned upon. Displaying false emotions is also a mark of dishonesty, although with enough control, it is impossible to tell the difference between genuine and faked emotions.

Self-Expression Edit

Their skin is highly amorphous. In the distant past, colors and shapes of skin were used to camouflage themselves in times of danger, but as dangers are all but eliminated in modern society, coloration and shape are used in self-expression and individuality. Certain skin structures are reserved only for certain ranks, such as the spiked crown leaders sport. Fashion trends change rapidly, and groups of Cephalopods distinguish themselves from the colors and structures they sport. There are an infinite variety of colors and locations for the colors to be expressed, and strong universal symbolism associated with each.

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