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Amgara is a theocratic kingdom on the western shore of Aene. It is the second most populous empire in Aeneor. Its wealth is mainly obtained through exports of the hard yet malleable secretions of the freshwater mollusk known as aydunai. Aydunai is prized worldwide for its ease of shaping, lightness, and strength.

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The Amgara religion centers on the concept of two worlds, the earthly world and the celestial overworld. According to their faith, humans originated from a world far in the sky, which is the source of the magical powers present in the earth. Their holy book is a corrupted version of the ship’s log from the First Contact event, altered beyond recognizability.
Amgara Queen
The Queen of Amgara symbolizes the celestial Overworld. In order to maintain her holiness, she is always covered by a cloth that blinds her to the forms of the earthly world, but allows her to see the magical wavelengths (µ-force) that permeate all physical forms. The Queen is always referred to as the Queen, as she revokes her personal identity to become the ambassador to the heavens upon ascension to the throne. Her headdress is made from finely crafted plates of aydunai, and all holy vestments are gold infused with liquid µ.

The two Priests of Amgara symbolize the earthly world. One represents life and officiates births, manages internal affairs, civil projects, and oversees monetary affairs. The other represents death and oversees national defense and trade. They are similarly blindfolded by their hoods, although the restrictions on removing them are not as strict as with the Queen. At the time of the new Queen’s ascension, new Priests are elected by a council of cardinals with input from the old Queen, or the new Queen if the previous is dead.

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Amgara kiss

The Queen regularly procreates with both Priests in order that the firstborn female child may share blood with the Overworld and either aspect of Earth. Their intercourse is televised to the kingdom and creates a public day of celebration. Whatever weird things they do during sex become all the rage amongst the populace and spawn new trends.

Military expansion Edit

Over the past century, Amgara has grown ever more militant and hungry in conquest for land. Religious dissenters are shown little mercy, and conquered lands are forced in convert at any cost. Solis considers Amgara a rival growing dangerous in power, but are not willing to interfere in Amgara’s actions for fear of losing access to the supply of aydunai.

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